Earth Day 2021

Earth Day this year is April 22, 2021. It’s been a different year, for certain, since the last time we celebrated. The United States is re-joining the Paris Climate Accord, and extreme and unusual weather continues to occur around the world. The theme of Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth.” You can find out more about Earth Day actions here:


So what can you do? At home, you can contact your local arboretum and municipal parks to find programs or groups to join. Look up recycling regulations in your area and learn how your waste should be properly recycled, composted, or disposed of. You can contact your local nursery to buy a tree for the upcoming national observance of Arbor Day, on April 30th. You can also take a walk in your local park, breathe in the air of our atmosphere, and appreciate the beauty of our world!


There are many ways to observe and celebrate Earth Day wherever you are!