Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

April 22 is Earth Day 2022! 

There are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day this year. 


Tree planting!

Consider joining a tree-planting event near your community! If you cannot find a tree-planting event nearby, consider planting a new tree or shrub in your own garden, or planting flowers or small shrubs in pots for a patio. Every small action makes a difference!


Build a kitchen garden!

Kitchen gardens can be any size you need, for any space you may have! 

You can plant some herbs to keep in a sunny window, put some planter boxes on a balcony or patio, or set aside some front- or backyard space for a raised vegetable garden. Growing your own food and herbs helps to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of store-bought food your family uses, which has to be transported by truck to stores. Plus, you will be rewarded by food that you and your family grew and nurtured!


Get an activity kit from Nature Watch!

Nature Watch is a provider of experiential learning for all ages. Consider getting an activity kit such as the Forests Forever Activity Kit, a Butterfly Garden Kit, and many others! 


Organize a litter clean-up event!

Help clean up a natural area in your community and pick up trash and litter! Make the event a fun challenge by hosting a “heaviest trash bag” contest or going “plogging” (the trending activity of jogging while picking up litter). 


Support local farmers and craftspeople!

When you buy local, you are not only supporting the members of your community, but you are also reducing the amount of carbon emitted by trucks, planes, and trains that are required to transport foods and products. Visit a farmers market, look for a “Local” tag on produce at your local grocers, or subscribe to a CSA (Community-supported agriculture) box!


And remember, you can celebrate Earth Day every day of the year!