Channel Cat Interpreted Trail

Aug 1 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All ages - See description or call venue for event fee
Bear Creek Lake State Park
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One feature of the our trail network is the Channel Cat Trail. On this loop trail, accessible from many points on the campground side of the park, we have placed a series of signs to acquaint you with the park’s unique piedmont environment.

The section of Channel Cat Trail along the lake provides information on fish species and fishing techniques, and the conservation practices employed to maintain our forty acre recreational resource.

The section from the CMT parking lot southward to the Beach parking lot interprets how a forest grows in Virginia’s piedmont, so that you can “see the forest for the trees”

A third section from the CMT parking northwestward back to the Lake’s spillway is for your own reflections on the wonders of nature. The park’s role in the Chesapeake Bay watershed is also noted.

These sections can be walked in either direction, one part at a time, or as a loop to bring you full circle.

The entire loop is just under two miles long and the trail is of a moderate difficulty rating. There is one shallow creek crossing and unlevel terrain, but no steep inclines.

Trail guides for all the trails in the park are available at the office. ***Location detail: Several locations in the park More information:


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