Family Led Nature Programs

Aug 1 - 12:00 am
All ages - See description or call venue for event fee
Westmoreland State Park
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Be a citizen scientist! Self-guided family led programs to engage both adults and children during their visit to Westmoreland State Park.Based on current guidance from the CDC social distancing of 6ft must be observed. Guests must wear a face covering when entering a restroom or the Visitor Center.
Join families from around the world to save the earth!!!
Take your nature knowledge up a notch with the inaturalist Seek app! Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you. Earn badges for seeing different types of birds, amphibians, plants, and fungi and participate in monthly observation challenges.
Play detective on your next walk in the woods and discover how plants grow, age, decay, and learn about the many ecosystem services that trees provide.
A collection of free Project WET activities to keep kids engaged.
Here is a way to have fun coloring while learning about the living world.

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