Firefly Festival

Witness the spectacular sight of fireflies by the tens of thousands in the tree tops below High Bridge. The Festival will begin with a ranger led explanation of these wonderful, luminous insects. Activities, firefly viewing, and insect displays will be available at the event.

Experience has shown that the fireflies become the most active just past 10 p.m. This event is rain or shine and visitors are encouraged to arrive early. Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet.

The $10.00 per person admission is only payable through the online service known as “Eventbrite”.
Admission must be pre-paid in advance. Admissions are limited to 200 individuals per night, and we will reach capacity quickly. All parking and access for the Firefly Festival will be at the Camp Paradise Parking Area only, located at 1466 Camp Paradise Rd. Rice VA 23966. For more information contact the park office at 434-315-0457 or email ***Location Detail: Camp Paradise