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Aug 1 - 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Bear Creek Lake State Park
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Bear Creek Lake State Park has a great trail network. Two trails in particular that introduce you to the park are the Channel Cat Trail and Lost Barr Trail. On these loop trails, we have placed a series of signs to acquaint you with the park’s unique piedmont environment.

The Channel Cat Trail is accessible from many points on the campground side of the Park, such as the beach area parking, the Cumberland Multi-use parking and the Acorn Loop Campground. The trail can be walked in either direction, one part at a time, or as a loop to bring you full circle. The entire loop is just under two miles long and the trail is of a moderate difficulty rating. There is one shallow creek crossing and unlevel terrain, but no long steep inclines.

The Lost Barr Trail is on the cabin side of the park The entire trail loop is of a moderate rating and is just under two miles in length. The half-mile interpreted section is only on the eastern half of the trail between Blue Heron Drive and Otter Trail.

Trail guides for all the trails in the park are available at the office. ***Location detail: Channel Cat Trail and Lost Barr Trail More information:


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