Private Field Trips

Aug 1 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All ages - Free
Chippokes Plantation State Park
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Chippokes is sure to be a favorite outing for your school, friends, church, family, or civic group. The landscape and view reflect prehistoric and historic habitation. Your group is bound to benefit from a guided program involving some of our resources:
Historic structures that include homes, dependencies, and barns
Four 19th and early 20th century carriages
The Farm and Forestry Museum, Sawmill exhibit
17th century road trace
Six-acre formal garden
Documented archeological sites
22 acres of James River beach
Habitat for 24 species of threatened/endangered plants and animals and nesting bald eagles
Tidal creeks
891 acres of forested areas
516 acres of open land
190 acres of wetlands
Our facilities and rentals.
Call today to find out more on our educational and interpretive programs. Ask about our SOL focused programs. Most programs can be tailored to the needs of your next field trip or outing.
Please schedule at least one month ahead of the date that your group is arriving. Fees vary according to the type of program or activity you are interested in. A majority of our programs and activities cost $3 per individual. ***Location detail: Throughout the Park More information:


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