Important update regarding COVID-19 cancellations

Hello Nature Friends! We are thankful that you have used as a resource during this uncertain and stressful time. As health officials daily call for the cancellation of social events and emphasize self-isolation and social distancing, it is important to consider our physiological and physical health.

Social distancing is a new term we are all starting to use in our daily, if not hourly, vocabulary. If you are a healthy person who has not recently traveled, has not come into contact with someone who tested or is presumptive positive for COVID-19, and are not in one of the defined at-risk categories, you do not need to quarantine yourself in your home — you may practice social distancing. Social distancing includes taking walks in your neighbourhood, going to a park, going birding or on a bike ride, making only essential trips to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and go to work if you are unable to work from home — i.e., you are still able to get outside and enjoy the coming spring season.

Getting outside while social distancing is a great way to stay healthy, keep others healthy, and get your daily dose of exercise and fresh air. So long as you stay alert, refrain from touching things or people, refrain from touching your face, and diligently wash your hands and sanitize your hands-on devices (Clean your smartphone when you get home! Even if it just stayed in your pocket!), you can still be engaged with the world while preventing the spread of disease.

Getting outside is especially important for engaging children who are now home from school. Children who are able to be outside can greatly benefit from daily walks or bike rides. Each trip outside is a lesson in a child’s nature education. As spring arrives and the birds return, now is a great time to take your child to a park or wildlife refuge with a book or tablet/smartphone app for birds, wildflowers, and other wildlife identification. Just make sure that if you visit a park with a playground, have your child wash their hands after playing.

Many events listed on this website are still running, and we here at Naturefind are doing our best to keep up with any and all closures as we are informed of them. However, due to the sheer amount of data, we cannot track every event or every location on our site.

Please, if you find an event that you are interested in attending, we at Naturefind highly encourage you to visit that event location’s website, or call that location to check on hours and event cancellations. 

If you attend an event, please practice common sense and only attend if you are healthy, have not traveled in the last two weeks, and have not come into contact with a person who is sick or has tested positive for COVID-19. If you at all feel unwell, refrain from entering public spaces until you are healthy again.

We wish you all the best! Stay healthy, Nature Friends!