Plogging for the Planet

Are you a multitasker who loves the outdoors, exercise, and helping save the planet? Plogging (#plogging) is the newest fitness trend that benefits you and the environment. Plogging is a combination of the words jogging and “plocka up,” Swedish for “pick up.” Basically, it means picking up litter while you’re exercising outdoors. Whether you’re walking, […]

Earth Day Every Day

While April 22 is Earth Day (#EarthDay2018), you can make every day Earth Day by making small changes or choices. Often these choices can also save you money as well. Set your thermostat (heat / AC) to a moderate temperature (wear a sweater indoors when using the heating system, and not when using air-conditioning). Combine […]

Big Leaf Maples

The Big Leaf Maple has been known as the ‘paddle tree’ to the Lakwungen First Nations people of Vancouver because its wood is used to make paddles, oars and also spindle wheels. Who knew? — I didn’t until recently, though I’ve walked past and marveled at the very large leaves for a long time.  The […]


Over 137,000 people volunteered in our National Parks last year, for a total of 5.2 million hours.  In California parks there were 40,000 volunteers contributing over 1 million hours.  Portland’s Forest Park had more than 1,000 volunteers and the Cascades Raptor Center thrives because of the benefit of 10 full-time equivalent volunteer workers.  Those are just a […]

Parsnips, and why we do this

The local arboretum had a festival today, and at NatureFind we’re proud to play a small part in promoting it, as one of more than 10,000 events around the country that we’re featuring this month. My wife wanted to visit the swamp trail and see the Cow Parsnips that were blooming, all new to me. […]

Adding Your Events

More and more nature places want to make sure their events are promoted by NatureFind and our partners, especially since it’s so easy and free! 1. Feed – If you have a Google or other calendar that will export events, please let us know. 2. Direct – Enter your events via the ‘Add Events’ tab […]

River snorkeling

Snorkeling in a beautiful river?  This sounds like a really fun event, promoted by an important organization, the Georgia Conservancy.  We love seeing how creative organizations can be with events that really provide a great experience of nature. Here’s the Conservancy’s description of the event:   Conasauga River Snorkeling Trip    Why should you go: […]

Earth Day

On Earth Day, a big thank you to all the people who organize and promote the events that we are privileged to feature on NatureFind! Our mission is simple…it’s to help more people become aware of those great events and places. We hope you’re able to enjoy some nature as part of your day.

Events around the country

We have the pleasure of seeing information on thousands of nature events each week around the country.  The titles themselves tell a story….here is an example of a few of the events added this week: 45 Ton Whale Talk Backyard Habitat Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Palace Gardens Dinosaur Train Garden Workshop Grafting for the Future Historical Southport Bicycle […]

Discover The Forest

I heard the Discover The Forest radio ad again last night and was inspired to post about our long-standing partnership with them.  Look at this great TV ad!     Please check out the site and be inspired with lots of information about things to do in nature. A big thank-you for that campaign to […]