Parsnips, and why we do this

Parsnips, and why we do this

The local arboretum had a festival today, and at NatureFind we’re proud to play a small part in promoting it, as one of more than 10,000 events around the country that we’re featuring this month.


My wife wanted to visit the swamp trail and see the Cow Parsnips that were blooming, all new to me.  In the photo below are two white Parsnips in the foreground, with the bridge over the swampy area in the back.  It was a beautiful walk, and I enjoyed learning to identify this plant.

As we walked away, a ‘Nature Walk’ was happening with a naturalist leading a group of about 20 people.  He stopped to describe the parsnip, explaining it was a relative of the carrot, that the residue of the stalk could cause an allergic reaction in some people, and much more that was interesting about this plant.

So I was reminded again why at NatureFind we are passionate about nature events….anyone can create their own,  or we can also join in on those that are organized and may have a leader who can provide wonderful, on the spot insights into the natural world.  Happy NatureFinding!