Chattooga Wild and Scenic River

One of the country’s most famous whitewater rivers, this is a remarkable place to experience. You can hike, raft or kayak the river, or there are also several access points to watch the boaters come through.

Kings River

Whitewater enthusiasts might consider a trip down the Kings River or the Merced Wild and Scenic River. Both rivers are very technical (Class III and IV) and suited for experienced boaters. You can organize your own trip, or arrange a trip with one of the commercial rafting companies authorized by the Forest Service. If taking […]

Merced River

The Merced River is designated a Wild and Scenic River and is a popular recreation area along Highway 140. The main fork flows through steep river canyons from Yosemite National Park into Sierra National Forest. The South Fork flows from high in the Sierras, through Wawona, down into Hites Cove. This area is known for […]

Pere Marquette National Scenic River Watercraft Permits (Huron Manistee)

In 1978, sixty-six miles of the Pere Marquette were designated a National Scenic River. The Pere Marquette River is the longest unregulated (no dams or impoundments) river system in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The river is a nationally known, high-quality stream supporting large populations of resident trout, steelhead and salmon, as well as, being a popular […]

Pine National Scenic River Watercraft Permits (Huron Manistee)

Welcome to the Wild and Scenic Pine River! The lower 26 miles of the Pine River was designated as a National Scenic River in 1992. Scenery is one of the most outstanding attributes of the river. The designated portion of the river contains a unique riparian landform with a deeply incised river channel and high, […]