Allagash State Wilderness Waterway

It is a magnificent, 92-mile-long ribbon of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams winding through the heart of northern Maine’s vast commercial forests.

Ashdown Gorge Wilderness

Sharing the western and northern borders of the desert-like Cedar Breaks National Monument, Ashdown Gorge Wilderness displays eroded, multicolored Wasatch limestone, meadows, and forestland including a significant stand of bristlecone pine, known as the Twisted Forest, in the northern corner. Bristlecones are among the oldest living life-forms. The area is home to a diversity of […]

Big Island Lake Wilderness

Big Island Lake Wilderness is located centrally in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. White birch, maple and aspen cover the wooded hills that surround the lakes. Berries, mushrooms and wildflowers grow throughout the area. A wide range of wildlife and waterfowl, including sensitive species, may be observed but should not be disturbed.

Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness

The Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness can be accessed by hiking or horseback riding on one of the many trails located at different points around the perimeter of the wilderness boundaries, or by floating the Colorado River.

Blackjack Springs Wilderness

Officially designated as a Wilderness in 1978, this 5,800 acre area is located 7 miles northeast of Eagle River, Wis. in Vilas County. Blackjack Springs main feature is a series of four large, crystal clear springs that form the headwaters of Blackjack Creek, in the midst of dense forest cover. This Wilderness contains diverse vegetation […]

Boulder Creek Wilderness

The dense old growth forests and steep terrain make this the mysterious wilderness of the Umpqua. Running through the heart of the wilderness is Boulder Creek itself.

Cohutta Wilderness Area

The 37,000 acre Cohutta Wilderness contains 90 miles of hiking and backpacking trails, two of which follow the Jacks and Conasauga Rivers. Trailhead parking lots located around the wilderness perimeter provide foot access to the trails. Three Forks (shown on map), Betty Gap, Chestnut Lead and Tearbritches Trailheads are open early March through December 31 […]

Diamond Peak Wilderness

Diamond Peak Wilderness straddles the Cascade Mountains. Diamond Peak was formed as the entire land mass of the Cascades was undergoing volcanic activity and uplift. Great glaciers carved the large volcanic peak and when they receded, the bulk of the mountain remained, with snowfields near the summit and dozens of small lakes surrounding the peak. […]

Geneva Wilderness Area and Ed Yarborough Nature Center

The Geneva Wilderness Area is a 180 acre site that lies to the south of the Geneva community on SR 426 in East Seminole County. The Geneva site contains an array of native Florida plant communities from Mixed Hardwood Swamp and Mesic Hammocks to Xeric Oak, all supporting an equally diverse collection of wildlife. A […]

Headwater Wilderness

Officially designated as a wilderness in 1984, this 18,000 plus acre wilderness is located 16 miles southeast of Eagle River, Wis. in Forest County. Portions of this area contain some of the largest and oldest trees in the forest. Kimball Creek, Shelp Lake and the Headwaters of the Pine River are major features within this […]