Alaksen National Wildlife Area

The NWA is part of the Fraser River delta, an area of roughly 67,000 hectares (ha) recognized as an internationally important migration stop-over and wintering area for a large number of migratory birds along the Pacific coast. Consisting of a mosaic of estuarine habitats, remnant wetlands, riparian forests, agricultural areas, and urbanized zones, the delta […]

Keepers of the Wild Nature Park

Keepers of the Wild provides a clean, safe and loving environment for over 150 exotic animals, including lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, cougars, wolves and other wonderful animals. Each of these animals have their own history of how they became a member of the Keepers of the Wild family. Open Year-Round- Six days a week from […]

Lippincott Bird Sanctuary

The Lippincott Bird Sanctuary was donated by Bill Lippincott in 1998. Mr. Lippincott, a former City of Lima forester shared his love of trees and nature with all who listened. You will enjoy the diverse array of habitats (prairie, meadow, woodland, and wetland areas) which are home to many different species of birds, mammals, reptiles […]

Palo Verde Ecological Reserve

The Palo Verde Ecological Reserve is an approximately 1,900 acre property. The subject topography is generally flat and has sandbar cottonwood, willow and mesquite riparian habitat along the eastern edge of the river. Prominent species include the southwestern willow flycatcher, yellow-billed cuckoo, Gila woodpecker, Gilder flicker, Yuma clapper rail, California black rail, bonytail chub, razorback […]

Portage Creek Wildlife Area

A 157-acre wildlife reserve home to a variety of wetland plants and animals. Stroll along the tranquil stream and enjoy the open meadow paths while catching glimpses of herons, raptors and many species of waterfowl. Visitors to the Portage Wildlife Sanctuary can enjoy the network of trails that cross the expansive fields. Other wildlife viewing […]

The Wattles Stewardship Center

The Wattles Stewardship Center is a 51-acre wildlife sanctuary and is also the location of New Jersey Audubon’s northern Stewardship Program staff. The Wattles Stewardship Center is flanked by a state wildlife management area to the southeast and preserved farmland to the northwest. A trail from the Wattles Center parking lot leads visitors to the […]

Wildlife Prairie Park

Wildlife Prairie Park is often referred to as a jewel in the Midwest. Located just outside of Peoria, IL, this 2,000 acre zoological park is home to over 150 animals; that’s 50 different species that are native to Illinois. Our guests come to learn about wolves, bison, waterfowl, black bears, elk, cougars, otters and much […]