Beaver Meadow Observatory


Beaver Meadow Observatory
1610 Welch Rd.
North Java, NY 14082
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The BAA currently maintains a dark sky observatory at the Audubon Society’s Beaver Meadow Nature Center in North Java, New York. Here the Association’s varied instruments – including 20 inch and 12 inch Newtonian reflectors, 10 and 8 inch Schmidt Cassegrains and 6 inch equatorial refractor, along with CCD and video imaging cameras – are available for use by any member who has received proper instruction on equipment operation and observatory rules from the Observatory Director. The observatory is open to the public on the first and third Saturdays of each month from April through October, rain or shine. At these public nights, BAA members take observatory visitors on a guided tour of the night sky. If weather does not allow observing, slides, videotape and telescope clinics substitute for a clear sky. New members are encouraged to attend both as spectators and as helpers.