Brainard Marsh, Sippican Lands Trust


Brainard Marsh, Sippican Lands Trust
320 Delano Road
Marion, MA 02738
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Brainard Marsh was generously donated to SLT through two gifts in 1983 and 1993 adding up to 6.1 acres.

Features: The marsh is open to the public and is accessed through an opening in a stone wall along Delano Road. The path leads to the Weweantic River through woodlands, sandy fields and a white sand beach with views of the Weweantic River and out to Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod. A spur trail leads past a wet meadow and a small pond, where heron are frequently sighted.

Location: Its location is 1.5 miles down Delano Road from the intersection of Route 6, Point and Delano Roads, on the left hand side.