Bronx Park


Bronx Park
Bronx Park East and 180 St.
Bronx, NY 10451
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Bronx Park boasts some of the city’s most beautiful outdoor space and ecologically diverse wildlife. A myriad of plants and animals make their habitat along the Bronx River and in the park’s forests. The vastness of the park and the diversity of its flora and fauna make Bronx Park one of the true hidden gems of New York City. The Bronx River, which begins in North White Plains and flows into the East River at Soundview Park, offers numerous scenic and recreational opportunities. While walking along the river, visitors can observe a unique habitat which hosts a diverse array of invertebrates, fish, and birds. The two-mile stretch of river in Bronx Park runs through a deep gorge, where a combination of red maple hardwood swamp and floodplain forest grows on the riverbanks.