C.F. Phelps Wildlife Management Area

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C.F. Phelps Wildlife Management Area
5669 Sumerduck Rd.
Remington, VA 22742
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Most of the management area’s 4,539 acres are in southern Fauquier County with the balance being in Culpeper County. Over 1,000 of these acres are open, the result of their past use for agriculture. Additional openings are found within the area’s forested land. Most of the area is rolling with low hills and shallow valleys. The steepest land occurs near the Rappahannock River which years ago created the property’s sandy, level bottomland, and now forms much of the property’s western boundary. Several small streams cross the area and a three acre pond is located near the center of the property. The forested portion of the management area consists of both pine and hardwood, and ranges in age from seedling to mature hardwood.