Camden Children’s Garden


Camden Children’s Garden
3 Riverside Drive
Camden, NJ 08103
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The Camden Children’s Garden is the most exciting project of the Camden City Garden Club. It is a special place for the young and the young at heart to explore and discover the natural world. The Garden provides horticultural experiences for creative and imaginative play. The 4-acre interactive Garden includes indoor exhibits, the Philadelphia Eagles Four Seasons Butterfly House, the Tropical Exhibit “Plaza de Aibonito,” and the Ben Franklin exhibit. Other exhibits include a Dinosaur Garden, Maze, Picnic Garden, Tree House, Amphitheater and Storybook Gardens. Storybook Gardens include: 3 Little Pigs Garden, the Giants Garden from Jack in the Beanstalk, Secret Garden, Frog Prince Grotto and Alice in Wonderland’s Garden. The Garden has three amusement rides, the Commerce Carousel, the Arrow River Train Ride surrounded by the Railroad Garden and the Spring Butterfly Ride.