Cascade Valley Metro Park – North


Cascade Valley Metro Park – North
1690 Cuyahoga St
Akron, OH 44313
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In addition to Schumacher Trail, this primitive area includes a picnic area near the parking lot. Named for Sherman and Mary Schumacher, who donated 171 acres to Metro Parks in 1968, Schumacher Valley remains one of the most rugged areas within the city of Akron. Located in the valley’s pre-glacial bedrock canyon are steep-cut ravines indicative of the Cuyahoga River’s tributary streams. A canopy of oak, American beech, sassafras and black cherry provides cover for smaller shrubs. There are herbs and wildflowers, including spring beauty, Jack-in-the-pulpit, rue anemone and jewelweed. Great horned owls, chickadees and six species of woodpecker take cover here.