Center for Science Teaching and Learning


Center for Science Teaching and Learning
1450 Tanglewood Road
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CSTL is a not-for-for profit 501(C3) organization with the mission of encouraging science learning and literacy. This means giving people and children the opportunity to study science topics in an exploratory and inquisitive way. This type of learning is similar to how a scientist may conduct an experiment or make new discoveries. A scientist may call this the scientific process in which the questions about a subject matter and their answers are generated by the scientist. In the field of education this is known as inquiry-based learning. The basic premise of this type of learning is that the learner is the designer of their experiences. The teacher is a facilitator of this process and points, interjects, and suggests ways in which the learner may pursue answers. The teacher is in a sense teaching someone how to learn and not just giving the answers or content.