Copper Creek Lake Park

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Copper Creek Lake Park
4390 East University Ave.
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327
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A lighted 1.22 mile trail surrounds this beautiful 40 acre lake filled with a diverse selection of plants and wildlife. Playground, shelter, shoreline fishing and a woodland nature trail along Four Mile Creek provide education and leisure activities for families throughout this 58 acre park. Cyclists and walkers can enjoy traveling through the heart of this park as a part of the Four Mile Creek Greenway Trail system which connects Pleasant Hill to several other communities in the Des Moines Metropolitan Area. Lakeview dining, other shopping opportunities and entertainment are available on the parks southeast side. Located on East University Avenue, this park is easily accessible from Pleasant Hill and Des Moines, as well as Highway 65/69. Additional parking and a trail head, managed by the City of Des Moines, are available on the northwest side and are accessible from Williams Street in Des Moines. Come enjoy the diverse amenities of this park.