Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge


Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge
19478 Fawn Hollow Rd
Farmersburg, IA 52047
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The “driftless area” of the Upper Midwest derives its name from the fact that it was unglaciated during the most recent glacial event about 12,000 years ago. Glaciers surrounded but did not pass over this land. The refuge is over 775 acres, consisting of over nine units in four counties in northeastern Iowa. The Howard Creek, Fern Ridge, and Pine Creek units have areas open to limited hunting, fishing, and wildlife photography and observation. The map location here is for Howard Creek Unit, south of Farmersburg. The refuge office is co-located with the McGregor District of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. The office and visitor contact station are located along Business Hwy 18 N, between the towns of Marquette and McGregor, Iowa at 401 Business Highway 18 N until spring, 2015 when it will move to the Illinois side of the river.