Eggers Grove

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Eggers Grove
11278 S Ave B
Chicago, IL 60617
(800) 870-3666
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Right along the Illinois-Indiana border, 241-acre Eggers Grove is a rich, wet woodland perfect for a picnic and games followed by a spring walk to see wildflowers and birds. Visitors can experience the changing landscape by following a natural-surface trail through the woods and alongside the marsh or by biking the Burnham Greenway, a paved trail along the woods’ western edge. The Burnham Greenway runs along the western edge of Eggers Grove. Visitors can park at Eggers to access about ¾ of a mile of this paved trail for biking, running, walking and in-line skating. Beyond Eggers’ borders, the Greenway continues 1.3 miles north to E. 100th Street and almost a mile south to William W. Powers State Recreation Area and Wolf Lake.