Fitchie Creek Forest Preserve

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Fitchie Creek Forest Preserve
Bowes & Nesler Rds.
Elgin, IL 60124
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Fitchie Creek is a gentle place of exceptional biological diversity located northwest of the offset corner of Bowes and Nesler Roads in Plato Township. A 40 acre savannah woodland at the southwest corner rises above the meandering creek and nearby, placid 2 acre pond. It is a woods of tall, gracious trees including Lindens, 2 species of Cherry, 2 of Hickory, 3 Ashes and 5 Oaks including one craggy old Bur Oak witness tree that marked the section corner in the first survey of Kane County. The outer expanding rung has a rich assortment of Willows, Aspens, Cottonwoods and Plums, along with grape vines, Raspberries, Elderberries and Currents. A stream that is largely fed by a high quality wetland adjoins this rich array that is a special haven for wildlife. This preserve includes a horseback riding area. Most horse trails are natural surface, mowed grass paths.