Five Streams State Forest

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Five Streams State Forest
Shingle St. & Pheasant Farm Burdick Rd
McDonough, NY 13801
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Five Streams State Forest is comprised of three State Reforestation Areas, Chenango #12, 19, and 32, totaling of 6,353 acres. The forest is located in the town of German in Chenango County and is named for the streams which drain the area. The forest contains many large blocks of uninterrupted woodlands, making it an excellent place to explore. However, there are no formal hiking trails or camping facilities on the Five Streams State Forest. A snowmobile trail that is part of the state-wide network of trails crosses the forest between Pucker Street and Skillman-Hoffman Road in the southern section of the forest. Like all State Forests, Five Streams is actively managed for timber production, and as a result, you may come upon logging operations.