Grand Traverse Natural Education Reserve


Grand Traverse Natural Education Reserve
1222 Veterans Drive
Traverse City, MI 49684
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Nearly every natural cover type in the state is found in the Nature Reserve located along the Boardman River, only 3 miles from downtown Traverse City. Within the 420-acre tract are a bog, marsh, true swamp, level terrain, upland forest, pine forest, creek, river, and an active beaver pond. The cover types of the area provide excellent habitat for beaver, otter, mink, fox, deer, and many other animals and birds. The Boardman River is the central feature of the Nature Reserve, running for approximately two miles through the area. In contrast to the impounded waters in the north section of the Reserve, the river in the south is free flowing and in its natural condition. It is here that the river is most dramatic as it falls in a series of rapids in part of its course through this part of the Reserve. Remnants of the old Keystone Dam that went out a number of years ago are still visible. The old berm wall and spillway are now being reclaimed by the forest ,as the river banks have reverted to their natural and original flora.