Hackberry Flat Center and Wildlife Management Area

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Hackberry Flat Center and Wildlife Management Area
County Road N2240
Davidson, OK 73530
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Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area is a 7,120 acre wildlife oasis located southeast of Frederick in southwest Oklahoma. With the help of many partners, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has restored this legendary wetland to provide refuge for prairie’s waterfowl, shorebirds and other wetland-dependent birds and to provide recreation for people craving the outdoors. With the completion of the Hackberry Flat Center, this wetland area now offers wetland classroom experiences for school children, meeting facility for workshops, programs and presentations and a place to offer skill development workshops such as waterfowl identification, bird identification and hunter education classes. The Hackberry Flat Center is 1-2 times/month for scheduled events. Restrooms are available year-round and a pavilion offers a shady place to have a picnic. Hackberry Flat offers the visitor a walking trail that begins at the Hackberry Flat Center. A driving tour will take you around the area explaining how the wetland is managed for wildlife. Learn about events by calling 405-990-4977.