Hermon Woodlands Metro Park

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Hermon Woodlands Metro Park
485 N Wapak Rd
American Township, OH
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The Hermon Woodlands Metro Park is free, open and accessible to the public every day during daylight hours only. This 71-acre park includes:
* 2 Reservable enclosed shelters
* Water, restroom facilities
* 2 miles of hiking trails
* Children’s “ImagiNature” Playscape – A unique outdoor area enriched with natural features that provide children the opportunity to use their imagination and adventure in an educational and developmental environment. Activity pods include fort building, climbing on trees, exploring along a creek, sand and pea gravel enclosure, rope swing, tunnel through a hillside, plenty of area for hide and seek.
* Storybook Trail – Experience great children’s stories in a unique way. It is a wonderful way for families to read and play together. Twenty pedestals, each display 2 pages of a children’s story with activities between stops.