Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area

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Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area
Higbees Beach Rd
Cape May, NJ 08204
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Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is chiefly being managed for its value to endangered, threatened and nongame wildlife. The Cape May peninsula hosts one of the world’s largest migrations each fall as millions of birds stop at the peninsula seeking food, cover and water. Higbee Beach plays a vital role in the migration, providing migrants with a stopover site as they increase their fitness before continuing their sojourn south. Visitors interested in viewing the spectacular migration should come to the WMA following a cold front with northerly winds. All you need is a set of binoculars and ID books. Higbee Beach is also home to lots of dragonflies and butterflies, including the long-distance migrant – the Monarch butterfly. Directions to Higbee Beach WMA: Follow the Garden State Parkway south to mile 0 and exit to the right for Route 109 North. Take Route 109 North to Route 9 south. Turn left onto Route 626. Cross the bridge and turn right onto New England Road. The road dead ends at Higbee Beach.