Indian Tree Preserve

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Indian Tree Preserve
3323 Vineyard Rd.
Novato, CA 94947
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This 230 acre preserve west of Novato is accessed via trails originating from the end of Vineyard Road, which cross lands owned by the North Marin Water District. These trails ascend through shaded woodlands to reach the ridge beside clusters of massive redwoods and fields of ferns. After the long ascent, the rewards of this hilltop experience make it hard to turn away and head back down to the civilized world. This is one of the best preserves to visit during a summer heat wave as the trails up the north facing slopes are cloaked in forests of oak, bay, and madrone. The open places at the top are usually moist from summer fog drip and caressed by cool west winds. Views along the way stretch from the nearby Stafford Lake to the outline of Mount Saint Helena at the edge of distant Lake County. A great deal of trail improvement has taken place here over the last few years. The old eroded farm road that cut up the ridge to the top has been replaced by the meandering Big Trees Trail. The Ship’s Mast Trail offers a forested traverse through a quiet redwood grove near the top. There are several options that produce interesting all day loop hikes, and there is usually plenty of parking along Vineyard Road.