Jepson Prairie Preserve

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Jepson Prairie Preserve
Cook Lane
Dixon, CA 95620
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Under wide-open skies, Jepson Prairie Preserve explodes into color during its spring wildflower display. Dry and dormant most of the year, the prairie is transformed by winter rains into a tapestry of stunning colors, and its vernal pools host a rich diversity of rare aquatic life. Located ten miles south of Dixon, Jepson Prairie is the premier—and one of the few remaining—vernal pool habitats and native bunchgrass prairies in California. Purchased by the Nature Conservancy in 1980, the land was transferred to Solano Land Trust in 1997. The mission of Solano Land Trust is to permanently protect natural areas, working farms, and ranchlands in Solano County and connect our community to these lands. See website for details and how to support their work.