Marshall State Fish & Wildlife Area


Marshall State Fish & Wildlife Area
236 State Rt. 26
Lacon, IL 61540
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Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area, located along nearly 10 miles of scenic Illinois River backwaters, bottomlands and bluffs, lies in the heart of the mallard duck flyway and supports a wide variety of animals, plants and outdoor pursuits. With an initial land purchase in 1925, the area has grown to include approximately 6,000 acres, of which half is land and half is water divided into three units. The largest of these is the Marshall Unit, consisting of 3,000 acres east of the Illinois River and adjacent to Route 26. The area headquarters is found here, along with a small campground, boat ramp, fishing channel, hunter check station and hiking trails. Terrain varies from ravine-cut bluffs to bottomland lakes, islands and sloughs.