McFarlane Park


McFarlane Park
13619 King Road
LaPorte City, IA 50651
(319) 342-3844
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The area has been called different names including LaPorte City Access, Husman Riffles, and Indian Hills. To alleviate confusion between the names of the state and county areas, the entire park is now named after a local conservationist, Arch McFarlane. The rolling topography of terraces and floodplain is heavily timbered. The timber provides shade for park visitors and habitat for wildlife. The eastern portion, owned by the state, provides a place to hunt. The western developed part, owned by the county, is closed to hunting. A newly built wetland surrounded by prairie greets the visitor as they enter the park from King Rd. Over two miles of walking trails will lead you on a trek through the park where wildlife, trees, woodland flowers and scenic meadows await you. The park is also located adjacent to the popular Cedar Valley Nature Trail.