Mill Creek Preserve

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Mill Creek Preserve
2668 W Western Reserve Rd
Canfield, OH 44406
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Located in Boardman Township, the Mill Creek Preserve consists of over 300 acres of upland and wetland habitats. The expansive acreage of the Mill Creek Preserve and its diverse, high quality habitats create many opportunities for bird watching, hiking, and other passive recreation activities. Look for white-tailed deer, coyote, eastern cottontail rabbits, red-tailed hawks, and a wide variety of songbirds, which have all been observed at this unique site. The Preserve offers visitors the opportunity to observe wetland habitats up close throughout the year, and each season brings with it new colors and activity. About 2 miles of trails have been created through wetland and upland habitats at the Preserve, allowing visitors to experience these habitats and the wildlife within them up close. Parking is available off of Western Reserve Rd.; there are no restroom facilities on-site. Download a map of the Mill Creek Preserve hiking trails from the website.