Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge


Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge
961 E Minidoka Dam
Rupert, ID 83350
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Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Snake River Plain in south-central Idaho, 12 miles northeast of Rupert. It includes about 80 miles of shoreline around lake Walcott, from Minidoka Dam upstream about 25 miles. About half of the refuge’s acreage is open water and wetlands. In this arid landscapet, these resources serve as an oasis drawing numerous wildlife species from miles around. Many species use the bulrush and cattail habitat that lines the lake’s small bays. Others use the willows, cottonwoods, and other trees growing near shorelines. The rest of the refuge is low, rolling uplands covered by sagebrush, grasses, and isolated juniper patches among scattered outcrops of basalt.