Old Woman Creek NERR

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Old Woman Creek NERR
2514 Cleveland Rd. E.
Huron, OH 44839
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The Old Woman Creek Research Reserve, encompassing only 571 acres, was the first freshwater estuary on the Great Lakes in the system. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Erie just east of the town of Sandusky, the Reserve features freshwater marshes, swamp forests, a barrier beach, upland forests and a riparian stream. The Old Woman Creek estuary is subject to the changing lake levels and a mouth that periodically closes. As one of the few remaining intact examples of a freshwater estuary on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the Reserve is a critical spawning and nursery ground for many recreationally and commercially important fisheries including crappie, blue gill, and channel catfish. At the intersection of the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways, the Reserve hosts large concentrations of waterfowl, shorebirds, hawks and warblers during the fall and spring migrations. In times of high water, the estuary is dominated by important aquatic plants like the American water lotus.