Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum (Tour By Appointment)

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Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum (Tour By Appointment)
Health Sciences Bldg.
Missoula, MT 59812
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The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at The University of Montana contains over 24,000 specimens of vertebrates, primarily mammals, birds, and fish. It is the largest zoological collection in Montana and one of the major zoological collections representing the Northern Rocky Mountains. The museum has been instrumental in documenting past and present distribution patterns of Montana mammals and birds, and is the major repository for specimens that constitute important Montana records. The museum provides important resources for research, teaching, and educational outreach programs. Although the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum has some public exhibits and continues to add more each year, we still remain primarily a research and teaching collection and not a public display museum. However we offer tours of the museum to school and community groups. Tours are conducted in cooperation with the Montana Natural History Center. To schedule a tour, call (406) 327-0405

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