Potawatomi Zoo


Potawatomi Zoo
500 S Greenlawn Avenue
South Bend, IN 46615

The Potawatomi zoo displays over 600 animals on 23-wooded acres. The zoo was founded in 1902 making it the oldest zoo in Indiana. Special attractions include the Australia walk-a-bout where zoo visitors walk through the outback surrounded by kangaroo, wallaby, and emu. Zoo Farm includes many domestic animals such as goat, sheep, alpaca, and pigs. Your safari through Africa features lions, zebras, chimpanzees, warthogs, antelope and three species of old world monkeys. Trek through Asia to view red pandas, tigers, cranes, camels, takins, and two species of leopard. Explore the Americas home to bison, prairie dog, flamingo, giant tortoise, and alligators. The Learning Center is an indoor building that displays hundreds of animals including reptiles, amphibians, small primates, lemurs and fruit bats. The Zoo is open from Mid-March through December 1st.

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