Prairie Ridge Conservation Park


Prairie Ridge Conservation Park
2406 Berkley Drive
Madison, WI 53719
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Prairie Ridge Conservation Park, 2406 Berkley Drive, is located in Madison’s far southwest side. Prairie Ridge Conservation Park features steep topography. This topography allowed for steep prairies, a.k.a. goat prairies – as only goats would be able to traverse this steep slope. In the past much of this land was plowed and used for farmland. However, these ‘goat prairies’ were spared the plowing. In 1993, City Staff planted an additional 20 acres of prairie on the former cropland. During this restoration work, it was discovered that this diverse prairie included the state endangered Prairie Bush Clover. In 1992, this was one of only 7 known location of the plant. Since that time, the plant remains endangered but is known to exist in 20 different locations.