Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area


Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area
472 Boonton Avenue
Montville Township, NJ 07405
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Established in 1987, after lengthy grassroots efforts to preserve the area from development, the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area is more than 1,500 acres of open space rich in natural and historical resources. Visitors to the park enjoy its environmental, natural, geological, and historical diversity. Easily visible to hikers are the unusual geological attributes of Pyramid Mountain, such as Tripod Rock, a 160-ton boulder balanced atop three smaller rocks, known as a glacial erratic. The broad mountains, flat-topped ridges, and narrow valleys of Pyramid Mountain are not only beautiful, but also vital in feeding downstream reservoirs, supplying needed aquifers, and supporting flora and fauna. The wide variety of natural habitats found within Pyramid Mountain include fields, forests, streams and ponds, which support a number of plants considered uncommon to New Jersey as well as threatened and endangered plants and animals.

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