Riverview Point Preserve

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Riverview Point Preserve
8250 Desoto Memorial Hwy.
Bradenton, FL 34209
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This small coastal preserve includes nearly 1 mile of secluded walking trails and showcases coastal strand, scrub and mangrove forest habitats. As visitors travel the trail from the preserve entrance to a secluded cove just off of the Manatee River they walk in the footsteps of the area’s ancient inhabitants; at one time this preserve was home to a busy prehistoric Native American village. Today the village is gone, but the wildlife that were familiar to the Native Americans remain. Careful observers might spot a mangrove tree crab skittering across the boardwalk, hear the knock of a resident pilated woodpecker, or may even see the sandy apron of a gopher tortoise burrow as many of these reptiles make their home within the preserve.