Saguaro National Park West – Tucson Mountain District


Saguaro National Park West – Tucson Mountain District
2700 N. Kinney Rd
Tucson, AZ 85743
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Saguaro National Park is uniquely situated around the 500 square miles that make up Tucson; which is at the heart of the Sonoran desert. Its two districts are separated by the city’s 1 million residents. The Tucson Mountain District (TMD) on the west, and the Rincon Mountain District (RMD) to the east, are approximately 30 miles (45-60 minutes) apart. Tucson Mountain District’s unique desert is home to the most recognizable cactus in the world, the majestic saguaro. Visitors of all ages are fascinated and enchanted by these desert giants, especially their many interesting and complex interrelationships with other desert life. Hike the Valley View Overlook Trail, picnic at Signal Hill Picnic Area, and visit Red Hills Visitor Center for a daily orientation program offering a Native American perspective on the saguaro cactus.