Sand Ridge Nature Center


Sand Ridge Nature Center
15891 Paxton Avenue
South Holland, IL 60473
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A 235-acre preserve with four well-marked trails offering easy hiking, from under a mile to 2 miles long. Each trail features different habitats, including prairies, oak savannas and woodlands, marshes, a pond, and ancient sand dunes. Sand Ridge is especially noted for its wonderful spring woodland wildflower display during April and early May, colorful summer prairie wildflowers, and autumn leaf color. Both spring and fall bring many migrating birds that stop to rest and feed in the different habitats. Fans of dragonflies and butterflies are treated to their aerial displays on warm days spring through fall. Winter is beautiful too, with drifts of white snow highlighting the graceful shapes of trees and shrubs, punctuated with the cheery calls and colors of our resident winter birds and the tracks of more secretive animals