Snake Creek Recreation Area


Snake Creek Recreation Area
35316 SD Hwy 44
Platte, SD 57369
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As explorers Lewis and Clark wandered through this region in the early 1800s, they were told to watch for volcanoes. Perhaps someone reported the steaming hot springs or the burning bluffs that are still visible today. The “burning bluffs” is a phenomena created by the area’s oil-bearing shale. Periodic lightning strikes or chemical reactions cause the shale to ignite. Cavities are often created and they will smoke for months or years. The smoke from these smoldering pockets may be seen on a clear day on the west bluffs along the lake. As you travel up the river, you may come across the Red Rock. This impressive salmon-colored formation rises several hundred feet above the Missouri River. It was a famous landmark for steamboat captains and today serves as a beacon for fishermen up and down the river.