Sommers-Bausch Observatory

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Sommers-Bausch Observatory
2501 Kittredge Loop Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303

Free Public Open Houses are held on Sommers-Bausch Observatory’s Observing Deck on Friday evenings (weather permitting) throughout the Summer Semester whenever the University of Colorado is in session. Starting times are at 9:00 pm.. You’re also invited to drop in from Fiske Planetarium after the 8:00 evening starshow. The program at the Observatory is informal: you can stop by anytime after we open and stay as long as you wish (or until we drive you out!). Sessions typically last from 2 hours to 3 hours, depending upon the weather, the quality of the night, and the enthusiasm and size of the crowd. There is no charge for the Observatory’s Open House nights … the stars are free to everyone!”