Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery


Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery
61552 State Route 14
Underwood, WA 98651
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Established in 1901, the Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery (NFH) was one of several egg collection stations for the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Clackamas Hatchery, near Portland. As the human population of the Columbia Gorge increased, heavy fishing pressure and destruction of habitat resulted in the U.S. government establishing a fish hatchery at this site. Today the hatchery raises more than 15 million Tule Fall Chinook salmon annually. The hatchery uses water from several springs located at the base of the adjacent basalt cliffs, recycling the water through a unique, oyster shell filtration system to conserve water and reduce pollution. Ninety percent of the water used in the hatchery's rearing ponds is recycled. The hatchery is also open on weekends in late August, September and early October, and from December through mid-May.