Sycamore Trail

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Sycamore Trail
Euclid Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50301
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The 6.5 mile Sycamore Trail will take you through some of the most wild and scenic areas of the Des Moines metro area. Abundant wildlife and views of the Des Moines River will keep you pedaling to find what’s around the next bend in the trail. The Sycamore Trail is open to bicycling, hiking and cross-country skiing. The following are not permitted in this natural area: motorized vehicles, horseback riding, camping, and firearms. Trailheads are located at the east end of the Target store parking lot on Euclid Ave. in Des Moines and on NW 66th Ave., about 1 mile east of Beaver Ave. in Johnston. Follow signs along the trail to direct you on the correct path.