The JAYCEE Arboretum & Senator Roch Riverwalk


The JAYCEE Arboretum & Senator Roch Riverwalk
110 Hay Street
W. Warwick, RI 02893
(401) 828-9191
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Approximately 400 linear foot Naturepath, that possesses over seventy-two (72) species of shrubs, mini-trees and ornamental bushes along with hundreds of annual public tree/flower plantings as you enter the breathtaking trails of the Senator Roch Riverwalk for another 1.3 miles.

The Corridor provides for an oversized, Trellis or Arbor that was erected by Boy Scout Eagle Candidates. This offers a quaint portal to the majestic state SenatorDonald Roch Monument and RIVERWALK, that welcomes visitors to a 1.3 mile meandering wilderness trail along the confluence of the Pawtuxet River – Rhode Island’s longest waterway. The Arboretum and Roch Riverwalk are extraordinary pathways that intersect with the West Bay BikePath – a 3.1 mile segment of the multi-state East Coast Greenway (when completed, the (ECG) will be a 2,600-mile corridor along existing and planned trails in a continuous city to city greenway on the Eastern seaboard).

The natural, pervious, park-like, wilderness trails of the JAYCEE Corridor, cascades through wildlife habitats that gradually approaches an on-street boulevard, which connects to the newly created Pawtuxet River Walkway Project (West Warwick Riverwalk), that offers a continuity of mill conversion buildings and the ambiance of a state-of-the-art walkway with kiosks, largos and powerful waterfalls.