Tomchin Planetarium & Observatory

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Tomchin Planetarium & Observatory
425 Hodges Hall
Morgantown, WV 26506
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A wonderful Planetarium and Observatory on the WVU campus. Here are the directions to 425 Hodges Hall: Hodges Hall is located near the Beechurst PRT station on the downtown campus. If you stand in front of the Beeechurst PRT station with your back to Beechurst Avenue, Hodges Hall is the building immediately to the right with the semicircular drive in front. In the diagram below, the semicircular drive in front of Hodges Hall is referred to as Loading/Unloading (building 18). Once you have found Hodges Hall, take the elevator to the fourth floor. The elevator is located on the Hough Street side of the building. The double doors on the left when you exit the elevator mark the entrance to Tomchin Planetarium. For information on handicap access, please call (304)293-3422, extension 1443.