Trees of Mystery


Trees of Mystery
15500 Highway 101 North
Klamath, CA 95548
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We are an 8/10ths of a mile groomed interpretive trail through the awe-inspiring Redwoods of Northern California. Part of the trail (The Trail of Tall Tales)is devoted to the myth and mythology of Paul Bunyan, America’s larger-than-life logger from the turn of the century. The trail, museum, gift shop, restaurant and motel are geared toward the family or group traveler. The trail is wheelchair accessible and we also have an electric trail cart for rent. The trail is open and maintained year-round. In the summer months, our 49 foot 2 inch tall Paul Bunyan and his 35 foot tall friend, Babe the Blue Ox, waves and welcomes you to the Trees of Mystery. The free admission End of the Trail Native American museum is one of the very best privately owned collections in the world.

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